We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

The Essence Nature Of The Brahmin

‘The essence nature of the Brahmin is an urge to know the truth. The true Brahmin pursues truth at all costs and will not permit considerations of comfort or convenience to stand in his way. His most outstanding characteristic is his objectivity, his ability to rise above the dust of the arena, to resist the hypnotizing effects of words and the blind position of cults, political or religious.’

Robert S. de Ropp
English biochemist and a researcher and academic in that field
After retiring from biochemistry, he brought other long-time personal interests to the fore, becoming a prominent author in the fields of human potential and the search for spiritual enlightenment
Among his more popular books are The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness; The Warrior’s Way: The Challenging Life Games; and Self-Completion: Keys to the Meaningful Life.  

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