We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

The Transcedence Of Truth

‘We are in times of trouble to be followed by the light of peace, the calm of hope realized, the transcendence of truth. Not now, not yet, but soon. We are in the Suntaleia, the Greek term for Consummation of the Ages, a time of confusion, political strife, hatred of truth, governmental oppression, and the rise toward one world dictatorship. Then comes the destruction of truth’s enemies, the restoration of the earth, and recognition for those that gallantly stood firm for the truth and its always righteous application. So do not despair, it isn’t necessary to do so, the plan is falling into place, these times are but the birth pangs of the glorious world that will follow.’

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
New York-based physician known for developing the Gonzalez regimen, an alternative cancer treatment 

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