We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

Misperceptions And Extinction

‘We base our world on knowledge. Knowledge is power. Lack of knowledge is lack of power. The knowledge that we’ve been operating with for many centuries, the last couple hundred years specifically, the new scientific knowledge, is not actually found to be valid today which means we’ve been operating from misperceptions, misbeliefs about the world. Well, the idea is very simply this. If you don’t understand, if you have a misperception about the world, it can kill you.

We have three misperceptions that are causing our extinction. One is the belief is that the material realm is all there is and all that matters–that matter is all that matters. The second is that genes control our lives which make us victims because we didn’t pick the genes and we can’t change them. The third one is an extension of Darwinian belief that says that the world is based on a struggle for survival. We all know about the rat race. Why is there a rat race? Because our fundamental belief is that if you don’t go out there and fight to stay alive, you’ll be trampled and killed and so we see a world based on this Darwinian world and this nightmare of a struggle for survival which involves war and competition and gouging each other for each one climbing up on the back of another to stay alive.

So rather than looking at fear, look at this as the moment of opportunity because there’s something so much better on the horizon but we can only get there by eliminating the structure as it is now because the structure as it is now is providing for our extinction.

Dr. Bruce Lipton
American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs

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