We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

The Disintegraton Of Illusions Leads To Paradise

‘We live in a world of illusions. This dimension has trapped civilization since the beginning of time, and very fundamentally, very simply, that one dimension that we have been trapped in, is the dimension in which the use of initiatory force is permitted by the ruling body, by the government. So, rule of man, very simply is a few leaders, government leaders who control the masses, the large population, backed by the use of force or threat of force or coercion, to control the population.

So we live in this world of illusions and if we were able to disintegrate these illusions, civilization would flourish like we have never seen before. People would be prosperous, people would be wealthy, there would not be issues with poverty, people would be healthy, people would live longer and longer as diseases would be eradicated. It would be a paradise but people don’t know that because we haven’t seen that. We have never been given the example because civilization has always existed in one dimension. We have never had the other dimension and that’s what we’re all working on here which is trying to bring about this other dimension that planet Earth has never known or experienced.’

Mark Hamilton
Founder of the Neothink Society

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