We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

A Message Of Freedom

‘I want to give you a message of freedom, a message that is so astonishing and powerful, you could work with it for years and years and never exhaust the rich meaning in it.

This one I’m going to give you will expand itself if you let it,  and it will expand itself and teach you everything you need to know about life. The message is so simple.

I don’t want you to take the meaning as simple. The words are easy to say but I want you to realize because of this brief introduction I’ve given to you that there is an endless source of wealth for you, and here it is.

You don’t have to make it. You don’t have to make it.

Now think right toward that from the very start. Be a good spiritual detective now and try to realize what you think you have to make, have to attain, have to succeed at, have to be, who you have to be.

What do you have to obtain in this life? You don’t need to obtain it, you don’t need to be it. I, you, don’t have to make anything, not that romance, not that career, and not that spiritual or social identity.’

Vernon Howard 
American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher

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