We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

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Come From Forever

‘Come from forever and you will go everywhere.’

Arthur Rimbaud
French poet born in Charleville, Ardennes
He influenced modern literature and arts, inspired various musicians, and prefigured surrealism

If You Don’t Like Something

‘If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.’

Mary Engelbreit
Graphic artist and children’s book illustrator who launched her own magazine, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion in 1996

The Master Game

‘But although it is safe to play the Master Game, this has not served to make it popular. It still remains the most demanding and difficult games and, in our society, there are few who play.

Contemporary man, hypnotized by the glitter of his own gadgets, has little contact with his inner world, a vast and complex territory about which men know very little. The aim of the game is true awakening, full development of the powers latent in man. The game can be played only by people whose observations of themselves and others have led them to a certain conclusion, namely, that man’s ordinary state of consciousness, his so-called waking state, is not the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable. In fact, this state is so far from real awakening that it could  appropriately be called a form of somnambulism, a condition of waking sleep.

Once a person has reached this conclusion, he is no longer able to sleep comfortably. A new appetite develops within him, the hunger for real awakening, for full consciousness. He realizes that he sees, hears, knows only a tiny fraction of what he could see, hear and know, that he lives in the poorest, shabbiest of the rooms in his inner dwelling but that he could enter other rooms, beautiful and filled with treasures, the windows of which look out on eternity and infinity.’

Robert de Ropp
English biochemist and a researcher and academic in that field
After retiring from biochemistry, he brought other long-time personal interests to the fore, becoming a prominent author in the fields of human potentials and the search for spiritual enlightenment

Follow Your Most Intense Obsessions Mercilessly

‘Don’t bend. Don’t water it down. Don’t try to make it logical. Don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.’

Franz Kafka
German-language writer of novels and short stories regarded by critics as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century 

Rearrange Your Beliefs

‘So the universe is not quite as you thought it was. You’d better rearrange your beliefs then because you certainly can’t rearrange the universe.’

Isaac Asimov
American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books

Your Best Weapon

‘Remember though, your best weapon is between your ears and under your scalp—provided it’s loaded.’

Robert A. Heinlein
American science fiction writer
Often referred to the ‘dean of science fiction writers,’ he was one of the most influential and controversial authors of the genre in his time