We decide which is right and which is an illusion.


The following is an excerpt from an interview of Jack True, an innovative hypnotherapist, conducted by Jon Rappoport, an investigative reporter.

‘For years, I was concerned with eliminating all that programming. I wanted patients to see and feel new things. I wanted to dismantle their old pattern. I was successful to a degree. But then I realized it wasn’t about what they could or couldn’t see. It wasn’t really about that. It was about whether they would or wouldn’t create. That was the crux. That’s the question.’Q: You can’t just remove the programming?

A: You can’t take it out like an old recording. You can’t do surgery on it. The person will turn around and put the same record right back on the turntable. You see people love to believe they are being deprogrammed. They love that idea. You can sell that idea from here to the moon. They love it. And why? Because it doesn’t require them to do anything. They can ‘have it done to them.’ That’s what they think. But then they’ll put all the programming back later on. It’s a joke. It’s a con game. They’re conning me and they’re conning themselves.

Q: You saw that?

A: Sure. I saw it every day. It’s the same reason people love spiritual systems and religions. They can do a discipline but they don’t really have to create. They think they’re getting somewhere but they still haven’t crossed the line. I’ve worked with people who’ll do ANYTHING to avoid creating. They’ll fast, run, pray, meditate, exercise, do yoga, take drugs, change diets, detox, do therapy, go to retreats and bond, channel beings, form communities, get into isolation tanks, climb mountains, and hell, the one thing they won’t do is CREATE.

Q: What do they equate creating with?

A: The death of what they are supposed to feel and see. People can only break the hold of what they’re supposed to experience by creating new experience or way of being or seeing themselves. When they create THAT, they know they are breaking free. They know it because they are doing it directly.

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