We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

How Decadent Can A Society Get

‘I mean talk about decadence,’ he declared, ‘how decadent can a society get?’

‘Look at it this way. This country’s probably the psychiatric, psychoanalytical capital of the world. Our damn culture is geared to the it—it’s the new religion. It’s everybody’s intellectual and spiritual sugar-tit. And for all that, look what happens when a man really does blow his top. Call the troopers, get him out of sight quick, hustle him off and lock him up before he wakes the neighbors. For Christ’s sake, when it comes to any kind of showdown, we’re still in the Middle Ages. It’s as if  everybody has made this tacit agreement to live in a state of total self-deception. The hell with reality! Let’s have a whole bunch of cute little winding roads and cute little houses painted white and pink and baby blue. Let’s all be good consumers and have a lot of togetherness and bring our children up in a bath of sentimentality and if old reality ever does pop out and say ‘Boo’ we’ll all get busy and pretend it never happened.’

Frank Wheeler, the primary character, in a passage from Revolutionary Road
Richard Yates, American Novelist/Short Story Writer known for his exploration of mid-20th century life 

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