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A RUSH concert is always a memorable experience and last Friday night June 28 in Tinley Park outside Chicago, Illinois was no exception. It was an event that was evidently important enough for even the Stanley Cup to show up with one of the players for the victorious Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

The Canadian rock band renowned for their vastly unique sound and expression, is currently engaged with their Clockwork Angels tour which, as all of their productions, somehow generates a balancing act between drama, comedy, and carnival.

Geddy Lee, lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for the group, gives the lyrics over with such intensity that one cannot help but to follow his lead and surrender to the passages of his melodical journey.

Neal Peart, who drives the energy of the music with precision and incredible stamina on drums, performed solo on three different occasions, and simply mesmerized the audience. He clearly sets the gold standard in the world of percussion.

And then of course, there is Alex Lifeson who has redefined the boundaries of progressive rock guitar through his stunning embodiment of artistry with the electric strings. He brings bravado and makes it so entertaining.

In the presence of thousands, this trio of powerhouse musicians played in a universal league of their own, and once again won the hearts and minds of their devoted fans.

Rock on, RUSH, rock on!

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