We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

A New World

‘Out of this war, the greatest since the beginning of history, a new world must be born, a world that would justify the sacrifices offered by humanity. This new world must be a world in which there shall be no exploitation of the weak by the strong, of the good by the evil; where there will be no humiliation of the poor by the violence of the rich; where the products of the intellect, science and art will serve society for the betterment and beautification of life, and not the individuals for achieving wealth. This new world shall not be a world of the downtrodden and humiliated, but of free men and free nations, equal in dignity and respect for man.’

Nikola Tesla
Serbian-American Inventor, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Physicist, and Futurist
Best known for his contributions to design of modern alternating current electricity supply system

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