We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

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Consciousness and Solving Problems

‘You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.’

Albert Einstein
German Physicist, Winner 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics

Sovereign Power

‘Self reverence, self knowledge, self control–these three alone lead one to sovereign power.’

Alfred Lord Tennyson
British Poet

Personal Law

‘Personal law is simply the thought that controls your mind and your life more than any other thought. Finding that thought is the most valuable knowledge you can have about yourself.’

‘It is like the leverage on personal change. It enables you to change very efficiently.’

Leonard Orr
American Spiritual Writer on Physical Immortality
Founder of Rebirthing Breathwork

It Takes More Courage

‘It takes more courage to be true to yourself than to be a solider on the battlefield.’

William Butler Yeats
Irish Poet

Look To This Day

‘Look to this day for it is life. The very life of life. Within its brief span lies all the verities and realities of your existence. The bliss of growth. The glory of action. The splendor of beauty.’

‘For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is but a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day.’

Bruce Lee
Martial Artist, Actor, Philosopher, Filmmaker

Immortal Behavior and Eternal Society

‘The people I respect most behave as if they were immortal and as if society was eternal.’

E.M. Forster
English Novelist
A Room With A View, Howard’s End, and A Passage To India

Groundhog Day–The Movie

Groundhog Day is not a movie about Groundhog Day. Well–it is and it isn’t.

Yes, it’s about the day on which many anticipate the emergence of Punxsutawney Phil in a small town in western Pennsylvania in the dead of winter.

However the movie is about so much more than that.

Released twenty years ago, it centers around a rather cynical reporter who travels from Pittsburgh to deliver the forecast for spring from the Prognosticator of Prognosticators and finds himself waking up day after day at 6:00AM only to discover that it is still the second day of February. Ironically his name is also Phil, and his shadow also becomes important as he embarks on a long and arduous journey of expanding his consciousness. We witness a wide range of colorful experiences that his imagination produces until Phil himself becomes the Seer of Seers and the Sage of Sages and finally wakes up to a new day.

It’s a comical and poignant take on whether the glass of life is half empty or half full.

Sabrina Alexander