We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

Ego Induced By Society

‘Ego is a need. It is a social need, it is a social by-product.’

The society means all that is around you–not you but all that is around you. All minus you is the society. And everybody reflects. You will go to school and the teacher will reflect who you are. You will be in friendship with other children and they will reflect who you are. By and by, everybody is adding to your ego, and everybody is trying to modify it in such a way that you don’t become a problem to the society.

They are not concerned with you. They are concerned with the society. Society is concerned with itself.

They are not concerned that you should become a self-knower. They are concerned that you should become an efficient part in the mechanism of the society. You should fit into the pattern. So they are trying to give you an ego that fits with the society. They teach you morality. Morality means giving you an ego which will fit with the society.’

Beyond The Frontier of the Mind

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