We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

The Warrior

‘The word ‘warrior’ bothers many people. It has been associated with misuse of power and with dominance over others. However it was not originally connected to war and aggression, and it is time that we reclaimed the true meaning of this ancient and powerful concept.’

‘The Buddhist tradition defines the warrior as ‘one who has the courage to know oneself.’ Now why do you suppose that the Buddhists felt that one would require courage in order to know oneself? Because they were talking about knowing all of oneself–not just the nice parts, the bright side, but the darkness in oneself as well. They knew that the only real battles you as a warrior must face are the inner ones where you go inside and face your inner dragons. The secret is that the warrior does not slay the dragons–the warrior transforms their energy into positive power and gives it back to the world in this transformed state.’

Danaan Parry
Author of Warriors Of The Heart
Founder of Earthstewards Network

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