We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

Being Ecstatic In Life

‘The genuinely committed person who encounters resistances to ecstasy will not turn to those who will give him reasons or excuses to encourage his lack of commitment. Rather he will seek out someone who will faithfully and enthusiastically support him in challenging those resistances, passing through them, and reaching the expanded freedom on the other side. Only to the extent that you willingly expose yourself over and over again to your fears can you cultivate the experience of being ecstatic in your life. Thus the aim of life itself is not to become comfortable. On the contrary–for  life to be ecstatic, you must welcome the uncomfortableness that presents itself. To resist uncomfortableness will only perpetuate it.’

‘The goal of mankind is to have life be comfortable and ecstatic without first being willing to go through any uncomfortableness. Every ecstatic moment is found only beyond a veil of uncomfortableness. Your willingness to push through your resistances at the moment they arise and to be uncomfortable at any moment rather than seeking ways to avoid your uncomfortableness determines the degree to which you will indeed become uncomfortable, do the impossible, create miracles, and be ecstatic about life.’

Vern Black
Author, ‘Love Me, Love Yourself’

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