We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

The Manufacture Of Life

manufacture/manyəˈfakCHər/to invent fictitiously; fabricate; concoct; to produce in a mechanical way without inspiration or originality.

What have we trained ourselves and each other to manufacture in our lives? How much of who we are is manufactured? How much of who we are is real?

When we manufacture personality, we are not being who we truly are.
When we manufacture appetite, we eat when we are not hungry.
When we manufacture exercise, we direct our body in a way that does it not want to move.
When we manufacture enjoyment, we participate in something that is not fun or exciting.
When we manufacture affection, we feign interest in someone to whom we do not love.
When we manufacture desire, we pretend that we want something.
When we manufacture knowledge, we project understanding when we have none.

The manufacture of life is boring, empty, and lonely.
The manufacture of life is exasperating, exhausting, and deadening.
The manufacture of life is deceiving ourselves.
It’s soulless.

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