We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

Maps Of Reality

A map of reality is what we create as a means of comprehending our experience of life. It’s our very own creation and one that is very definitely unique. No one else can truly understand our map except for us, and likewise we cannot really understand someone else’s map.

However, a map of reality is just that. It’s a map. It’s not reality itself. The map is what we use to survive. It’s what we use to navigate. It’s our conclusion of what we perceive reality to be. What’s most difficult for us to accept is that there are things outside of our map of reality that do indeed exist whether we believe it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not.

While there are many factors that could be reasons for altering our map of reality, we have the potential to change it because of a number of obvious major events that can and could occur during our life. A move to a new area, graduation from school, a new job, career or business, a new relationship or marriage, becoming a parent, financial challenges, a health crisis, a separation, a divorce or ending of a relationship, a death.

Any one of these experiences allow us the opportunity to alter our perception of reality and it’s entirely up to us to make the adjustment or create a new map altogether.

Since we are the mapmaker, the question is—are we willing to change our map of reality?

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