We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

A Pain In The Map

Something is amiss. It’s not necessarily that something is wrong. It’s just that something is really off the mark. You did not expect this to happen. You have a particular result that is not to your liking, it’s a surprise, or it’s not what you desire.

So you immediately refer to your map of reality. It’s the map that you have created to define what you believe about life.

What you discover is that what is showing up in your experience is vastly different from what you have designed on your map of reality. The two are not the same.  

Uh-oh. Here’s a dilemma.

At this point, if you really want to address this you will have to ascertain if you are going to tell yourself the truth or take a detour to prolong your travel there. 

This is going to be the ultimate test of your commitment to you because it will fundamentally direct your willingness to accept the reality of the situation or it will direct your preference for an illusion.

It will lead you to either have the courage to revise your map of reality or to employ a self-imposed hallucination that reality will or could be different than what it is or that you will somehow have the power to change it.

Essentially, what has been pinpointed is a pain in the map.

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