We decide which is right and which is an illusion.

Breaking Illusion

The very first time you are never the same.

In that defining moment, it seems as though you will never forget how it feels.

Before you actually did it, you weren’t aware of what was happening and yet after it was over, you became a completely different person.

Breaking an illusion.

So what does that mean? Breaking an illusion?

It can start with symptoms. You may be uncomfortable about something in your life. You don’t quite think you know what is so disturbing. You search and search and search. What is it? You’re absolutely convinced that you don’t know what’s going on–you don’t know what’s bothering you. And then suddenly out of nowhere a thought emerges. Just one tiny thread of a thought that possibly leads to an opening into what it is that you may not want to see.

You feel like you are being forced to consider something in a new way. You attempt to suppress this new way of thinking and it may seem impossible to do so. You may be a little curious and at the same time, you are filled with doubt. You do everything to convince yourself that the way you currently think is the way everyone else thinks. It must therefore be the right and only way to think. You have an internal conflict with the way something is supposed to be and the way in which you experience it. You may be exposed to other ways of thinking that before now had not even occurred to you.

Then after examining all of the evidence that you have collected in your mind, you make a decision. You determine that you will do what’s right for you.

You give yourself permission to think outside the box.You will go against the grain. You will reject the widely accepted belief whatever it is. You are not going with the crowd on this one. You have your own mind and you will trust yourself.

Is it a simple process? No. It’s entirely unpredictable how it occurs. However it’s an adventure. It’s embracing the art of contrary thinking and the idea of what we don’t know that we don’t know.

It’s valuing who you are and what’s important to you as an individual above all else. It’s the highest way in which to live your life.

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